Our Cures

With almost fifty years combined in the industry, Cotton Concepts/Barton Todd can provide a literal one stop shop for all of your design & branding needs.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to take an existing brand to another level, we can provide everything from apparel design, merchandising, sourcing, sales representation advisement, retail introductions, store fixturization, retail store design, point of purchase display, advertising, and pretty much anything else your heart desires (within reason).

Having had our own collections, owning our own stores, running large apparel brands or working for large design firms, our “little black book” has magical connections for everything from vintage neon signs to cool business cards.

We can advise based on our experience, both good and bad, and despite the fact that we can’t work for free we tend to SAVE our clients money by directing them towards more cost effective ways of doing business.

The Cotton Concepts team has manufactured millions of units for the finest brands & retailers in the country. Having been trusted by folks like Disney, Major League Baseball, Target Stores, Urban Outfitters and many others, we can get you the product you need in the timeframe you need it and at a price that won’t give you the shakes.

We look forward to working with you.

Cotton Concepts can cure what ails you…